Trolling Motor Battery Box 12V DC


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MARSEILLE Trolling Motor Battery Box

This is ideal for securing your batteries in areas exposed to the elements or where limited room is available within a vehicle; why not get this extremely handy Marseille battery box? It’s a great companion for small boats, caravans, camper trailers and other places as it provides easy quick connection for trolling motors. With a 5V USB and 12V DC power outlet, your important devices will get to recharge easily whenever you need to. On the outer shell’s power interface, it has a LED battery metre displaying your current motor’s battery life. To prevent any accident faults or improper connection, it comes with a test button and two waterproof breakers for both 60AMP trolling motor terminals and 10AMP boat accessory charging ports.


*Great accessory for small boats and perfect for trolling motors
*Fits 110AH size battery
*60AMP trolling motor terminals
*10A Circuit breaker
*4 x Blue LED power indicator
*5V USB charging port
*12V DC Power Outlet
*4 x non slip rubber base
*Waterproof cover with strap
*Power wire: 6AWG
*USB Charger: 5V
*DC Output: 12V
*Max Capacity Battery Size:110AH
*Dimension: 42.5 x 18 x. 34.5cm
*Internal dimension: 36 x 19.5 x 23cm

Package Contents

*1 x Battery Box
*1 x Manual