Stage Light Truss Tripod Lighting Stand Rack


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Stage Light Stand

The high quality Stage Light Stand is affordable yet very functional. It features rock solid construction including 2 tripod base lighting stand with two 89cm T-bars and a 3m wide truss. With the Safety Locking pin adjustment, the stand can be adjusted with added safety from 2.6m up to 4m. The compact trussing system is ideal for mobile DJ, rental market, band performance or any occasion that needs a quick set up. The whole stand can be split into parts for easy storage and transportation. Its black finish looks fantastic and practically disappears on most stages.


* Height adjustment
* Black Finish
* Strong Steel Construction
* Non-slip feet
* Wide: 3m
* Height: 2.4m to 4m
* Max loading capacity: 60kg

Package Contents

* 1 x Stage Light Stand
* 1 x Accessory Set


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