Set of 4 Humane Animal Trap Cage 30 x 15 x 15cm Silver


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Humane Animal Trap Cage

Made from quality rust resistant galvanised iron wire, this humane animal trap cage is built to last for years. Featuring one-way entry design with simple bait operation, this trap cage is designed to ensure safety of both animals and users. Perfect for removing small pest animals and capturing pest alive.
Note: Please contact your local authorities to seek approval or confirmation on the trapping species that you are targeting. Please be aware of what kinds of animal traps you can legally use in your state.


* Humane animal trap cage for small animals
* One-way entry design
* High capture rate
* Simple bait operation
* Ideal for capturing small pest alive
* Prefect for premises where chemical pesticides are not suitable
* Material: Galvanised iron wire
* Wire thickness: 2.2mm
* Size: 30x15x15cm
* Colour: Silver

Package Contents

* 4 x Animal Trap Cage


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