Multi-purpose Pop-Up Camping Shower Tent


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Multi-purpose Pop-Up Camping Shower Tent
This multi-purpose camping tent offers private shelter for toilet, shower or changing clothes. Easy and quick set up and extremely portable. Made from polyester fabric with silver coating and is supported by a flexible steel frame to enhance sturdiness. The double sided zipper door provides easy and convenient access and exit and is fitted with zipper windows to provide better ventilation. Perfect for camping, beach events, trade shows and more!

* Multi-purpose pop-up tent
* Large double sided zipper door for convenient access
* Double zipper windows for better ventilation
* Supported with flexible steel frame to enhance sturdiness
* Lightweight & portable
* Ideal for Camping, Beach Events, Trade Shows
* UV resistant coated
* Shower bag is included
* Comes with a carry bag as well
* Material: Polyester fabric with silver coating
* Colour: Army Green

Package Contents
1 x Pop-Up Camping Shower Tent
1 x Mounting Stakes
1 x Shower Bag
1 x Carry Bag