Double Type X Piano Keyboard Stand 2 Tier


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Keyboard Stand

You can now set up 2 keyboards on a sturdy yet lightweight stand with our latest double-braced X-style keyboard stand with 2 Tier.

With the large tightening knob, you can easily adjust the height for ease of seated and standing performance and it can accommodate various pianos and playing situations. It has strong steel construction and high quality of matt black finish. It does not just look stylish but also functional. The double-braced design is for added strength to make sure your stand is sturdy. The end cap stabilizes the stand on uneven surface. The stand can be folded away for easy storage and transportation.


* Portable Double Braced X Style Keyboard Stand 2 Tier
* Accommodates 2 keyboards
* Double Braced for maximum stability
* Height adjustable
* Strong steel construction
* Lightweight
* Anti slip rubber feet and bottom
* Full close position for easy storage and transportation
* Weight: 5kg

Package Contents

* 1 x Keyboard Stand



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