Acoustic Cutaway Steel-Stringed Guitar 38″


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Acoustic Cutaway Steel-Stringed Guitar 38"

Crafted from the finest materials, the guitar is made of laminated linden for its top, back, and side. With the Hard Wood neck and Maple Wood Fingerboard, the cutaway delivers beautiful sound and a chic look all at one time. The delicate process of manufacture including bracing and finishing techniques, thickness and wood tuning guarantee this guitar a real pleasure to play.


* 38"auditorium acoustic guitar
* Beautiful wood construction
* Sleek lacquer finish
* Narrow waist design
* Great tone balance
* Durable carry bag for easy transportation
* Shoulder strap & two picks included
* Body material: Laminated linden
* Fingerboard material: Maple wood w/ a width of 42.8mm
* Colour: Sunburst
* Dimension: 36 x 96 x 9cm

Package Contents

*1 x Acoustic Guitar
*1 x Shoulder Strap
*2 x Pick
*1 x Carry Bag