3 Pcs Storage Basket Set w/ Lid Beige


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Storage Basket Set with Lid

Featuring 3pcs storage basket set with a lovely natural look and texture, this storage baskets are great for home storage as well as product display for stores. Comes in 3 sizes, stackable for easy storage.

Note: The side handles are not suitable for lifting heavy products.


* 3pcs storage basket set
* Natural look and texture
* Great for home storage and product display
* Comes in 3 sizes for different needs
* Stackable; easy storage when not in use
* Material: Water hyacinth
* Per set: 3 pieces
* Large size: 38x28x17cm
* Medium size: 32x23x15cm
* Small size: 26x18x13cm
* Colour: Beige

Package Contents

* 1 x Storage Basket Set