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Photo Frame Set

Adding a touch of Mona Lisa to the wall may not suit everyone, but if it is a collection of family photos, loved ones, friends or the favourite pet, it could be the favourite of the most of us.

Adding a contemporary touch to the walls of your home is simple if you use our collection of simple and elegant designer photo frames. They are a set of selected standard sized frames that will fit most standard photos, turning them from timeless memories to an artistic and meaningful timeline of your memories. The setting is just a matter of your personal preference- portrait, landscape… the combination is endless.

When you stare at your empty wall at home thinking what you can add, think outside the box. Think contemporary, think simple, think of these photo frames.


* 1.8cm Thick Polymer Frame with Pixel Glass
* 20 Frames in Different sizes:
* Two 10 x 15inch Frames
* Two 8 x 10inch Frames
* Two (2 x (4 x 6 inch)) Frames
* Fourteen 4 x 6 inch Frames
* Refer to the images for more information
* Accessories Set:
* Spirit Level
* Seamless Nails
* Pins
* Colour: White

Package Contents

* 1 x 20pc Frame Set
1 x Accessories Pack


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